Six on Saturday – 25th June 2022

Good morning fellow gardeners around the world! Thanks as always to Mr P for hosting. Here are my six, in haste, as I try to organise myself to go to a wedding whilst gritting my teeth through chronic pain. I would rather be in the garden but then that is my default setting! I’m sure I’ll have a fabulous time once I get there. And Sunday is earmarked for gardening, pain notwithstanding!

Head over to The Propagator’s page to see what everyone else is sharing this week:

This little viola self-seeded in this pot of acidanthera murieli. The acidanthera are decidedly miffy so I’m delighted they’ve got such a bright and amiable companion.
I think this paeony is Sarah Bernhardt. Whichever one she is, she’s always late to the party, which is handy as it extends the paeony season in this border considerably.
I find the protuberant flower heads on these houseleeks strangely amusing, but I’m odd like that.
I’m very attached to this lotus berthelotii, which is now at least 5 years old and has flowered prodigiously this year. Every year it emerges from overwintering in a cold greenhouse looking like it’s going to give up completely, and every year it bounces back after a bit of a prune and a feed.
These diorama are meant to be ‘Blackbird’ but I don’t think the flowers are dark enough. A long term investment, these were the very devil to grow from seed and finally bloomed some four years later. Extremely difficult to photograph as they bob about so much in the breeze, which I appreciate is the whole point of having them in the garden. They’re really pretty and I am very pleased with them, whichever variety they are, they add great structure and movement.
The recent spell of heat and high sun has brought the dahlias along and here Bishop of Llandaff is strident alongside salvia Amistad and a penstemon which I think is Andenken an Freidrich An, or something like that. The red hot pokers are going over now but the achillea Cloth of Gold in the centre is just thinking about opening, which will give this ensemble exactly the sort of strident announcement of colour I aim for in the border in high summer (subtlety is not my watchword, in the garden or elsewhere).

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14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 25th June 2022

  1. I love house leeks, my gran had them, so they make me remember her. I shall add them to my wish list. The Peony is super too, arriving late to the party when you are that stunning is allowed in my place!

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  2. I grow acidanthera murieli but hardly ever get any flowers! Each year I think I shall throw the bulbs away, and each year I give them a reprieve. Your houseleeks look amazing. Do you keep them outdoors in that container all year?

    Sorry to hear you are in pain – hope you recover well soon. And enjoy the wedding! Not many people bother to get married nowadays.

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    1. Acidanthera is decidedly miffy. I keep mine in a pot and overwinter it in an unheated greenhouse, this seems to improve its performance. Bob Flowerdew says that bringing it undercover over winter is your only hope of flowers and that still might not work – I think they’re quite hungry too. I use that slow release pelleted food, everything potted seems to really appreciate that.

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      1. Mine come indoors during the winter usually, but this year I left them outdoors to see if it made any difference. I shall try feeding them, I am pretty bad at feeding plants, I just like them to get on with life themselves!

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      2. I never used to bother feeding but my friend who is a professional gardener especially recommended the slow release pellets for things in pots,because the soil or compost in pots loses nutrients so quickly, and I have to say it has transformed my pot and container gardening and I wouldn’t be without it now. It’s a 6 months feed so it doesn’t create a lot of extra work 😊


  3. Oh and yes – the houseleeks stay in this large cast iron pan all year. For several years I put a sheet of clear acrylic over them through the winter to keep the winter wet off, but I didn’t bother last winter and it hasn’t made the slightest difference!


  4. I love that lotus berthelotti, with its little flowers like heads of flame and the foliage is very pretty too.
    Gosh four years is a long time to wait for a plant to bloom (the diorama), you must be very patient.
    Hope that wedding wasn’t too much of a trial and you can get back into your garden soon!

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    1. Thank you! I’ve always loved lotus b, it used to be sold as a foliage/filler bedding plant for hanging baskets didn’t it, but it seems to have fallen out of favour a little, which I think is a great shame, as it’s quite unique in both foliage and flower.


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