In a vase on Monday – 27th June 2022

In haste from me once again – my contribution to IAVOM, just squeezing in at the tail end of the day. Once again the necessity of deadheading made my choice for me, and two weather-damaged blooms from a nameless cheap floribunda rose got paired with some heavenly-smelling trachleospermum for a chintzy mini arrangement in a wholly impractical milk jug. I have a weakness for vintage china, the chintzier and kitschier the better, and if it’s got a crinoline lady in an implausible English Country Garden on it, so much the better as far as I’m concerned. My Welsh dresser fairly groans with this particular motif of Dolly Varden in her yellow crinoline (husband groans too, every time another piece of china makes it into the house). The rose – well, barely scented, makes a mess of fallen petals, gets terrible black spot… but flowers its heart out all season, in big blowsy sprays of a rich pinky-red, so I can’t help but love it. It has an almost velvety quality. It was cheap as chips in B&Q and I don’t think I’d be without it now. The trachleospermum sprawls over an East-facing fence and threatens to engulf our patio and the neighbours’. I am inclined to let it.

Pop over to Cathy’s site to see what she’s been up to this week (she’s been very busy!) and to take a look at everyone else’s IAVOMs. I hope Monday has been kind to everyone (preferably kinder than it has to me!)

Published by Notes from the Under-Gardener

Keen amateur gardener, tending a large home garden growing flowers, fruit and veg, ably supported by husband and dog.

9 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – 27th June 2022

  1. I love your rose, but I have to admit that the china jug caught my attention first! LOL! I am not familiar with trachleospermum, but can imagine it would look lovely trailing over a fence. 😃

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  2. Gosh, I never knew that lady(?!) had a name! Must google it – I think I have her on one of my little china tea plates purchased from car boots in anticipation of our openings, but I have seen her many times. And I have never thought of using trachelospermum in a vase, but whyever not, whether blooms or foliage it’s such a good idea…thanks for that! You clearly love your rose despite all its failings, so thanks for sharing it with the rest of us today ps would like to share your name (not the rose’s) with us?

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  3. What a gorgeous, velvety rose, despite its lack of scent and black spot! (not that you can tell either of those things from your photo 🙂 Those sprigs of Trachelospermum would more than compensate with its heady aroma. Cute jug too 🙂

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  4. That is definitely one chintzy jug! And the rose is a delightful colour, though I must confess that roses without a scent are not a favourite of mine. Hope you’ve not been doing yourself an injury!

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