In a Vase on Monday – 20th June 2022

Today’s IAVOM presented multiple challenges. I cling to the preconception that vases may only be filled from things that had to be pruned or cut back anyway, which significantly reduces scope. Since we are in that odd dip between the Spring display going over and the Summer one getting into full swing, there was a surprisingly small range of things in need of cutting to choose from. I had nothing in the bright orange colour that I would have liked to team with the alchemilla and the corncockle (and I feel more than a little lazy for falling back on the alchemilla again, but it needed to be cut as Chief Engineer was complaining of wet legs after every trip down the path!) The corncockle was confounding, as what looks fulsome and colourful in the border proves to be a sorrowful thing with few blooms on the individual stems when cut. Still, here we are. Some foliage was needed and nothing big and striking was to be had… until I noticed that the artichoke leaves were blocking light from everything else in the border. Finding a receptacle was the next difficulty – a table lantern I’d made out of a vase stolen from an old workplace proved the ideal shape. The final problem was finding a background that worked… everywhere is so cluttered and higgledly piggeldy in our house that an expanse of plain empty space is nowhere to be found. I tried three different spots and I still think the shot taken in the chaotic pigsty of a kitchen looks best!

Thanks to Cathy for hosting IAVOM. Pop over to her site to be wowed by her beautiful garden and to see what everyone else is putting in their vases this Monday!

Published by Notes from the Under-Gardener

Keen amateur gardener, tending a large home garden growing flowers, fruit and veg, ably supported by husband and dog.

13 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – 20th June 2022

  1. The artichoke leaves are an inspired addition. I think of anything in my garden as fair game for a vase so the discipline of using only materials from prunings would be hard for me to follow, but you’ve easily managed a gorgeous display. /Susie

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  2. A lovely abundant vase with your garden clippings. Yes I agree this time before the real summer flowers start is challenging, but I think the best combinations come when one has to improvise as you did with your vase.

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  3. It was really interesting reading this and share the mechanics of creating the vase. The artichoke leaves really were an inspired addition and set off the rest of the contents really well. I may have a lot of vases (car boot purchases!) but it’s not always easy to find the ‘right’ one, and I love your improvisation! I also sympathise with your ‘cluttered background’ which is certainly the case here, and why I now take the photos outside, using a piece of MDF with fabric draped over it (which I now realise I could also use inside but don’t think I have done!). I think I would feel at home in your kitchen!!

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  4. I love the introduction of the artichoke foliage. The color mix with the bright pink flowers works beautifully. If I could grow Alchemilla, I’d be using it all the time as the chartreuse flowers are a great bridge when combining colors.

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  5. It’s lovely! Alchemilla always lifts a vase and the Lychnis are glorious. I used to hesitate about cutting things too, and I think we all have difficulty finding the perfect spot for a photo. But the photos in your kitchen are charming!

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