In a Vase on Monday – 13th June 2022

Delphinium casualties brought about by high winds meant immediate action was needed with the secateurs, which spurred me on to tame the worst excesses of the alchemilla mollis. I don’t especially care for the centaurea montana because I find its prolific, thuggish self-seeding irritating and I find the whole plant quite coarse, but I let it carry on because the bees love it. The stems without opened buds proved to be useful foliage filler for this vase, which has opened up new options for me in keeping it under control in the borders and has left me more kindly predisposed to it! It does wilt rather quickly once cut, but searing it in boiling for a little longer next time will probably help with that, as it does for most things. This year most of the nigella opening is white and I seem to recall an accident with a dropped packet of N. “African Bride’ so that might be why! No matter, it is lovely in drifts everywhere about the garden and encourages me to use more white in my planting, as it seems to ‘lift’ everything, adding a brightening aspect as it does here in this vase… well, jug. I love blue and white enamel ware because I am clumsy and our quarry-tiled floor and granite work surfaces are very unforgiving when I drop things. The enamel ware dents and chips but does not shatter!

Thanks as always to Cathy for hosting IAVOM – have a look at everyone else’s lovely arrangements over on her page:

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17 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – 13th June 2022

  1. I remember SR once demonstrating making a bouquet with flowers inserted within a head of hydrangea, which looked easy and most effective – must have a look at her website. Your sprinkling of nigella through your display today looks wonderful and adds an airy dimension- I never seem to have enough of them and keep hoping they will generously self-seed! Have you tried any other centaurea? I have a white one and a burgundy coloured one called ‘Jordy’, both of which are fairly well behaved. I try to be disciplined with the blue one, pulling offshoots out before they get out of hand. Thanks for joining in yoday

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    1. I love SR’s practical tips, she has some genuinely useful ideas for creating really good displays in vases and in borders. I am quite overrun with nigella – if you’d like me to send you some seeds, please do feel free to drop me a message! I like it because the seedheads are just as attractive in an arrangement as the flowers are. I haven’t tried any other centaurea but I have seen the white one in garden centres and much prefer it to the blue, which was one of the few plants in the garden when we moved in. I try to rip out the ones that self-seed where I don’t want them, but I swear they hide from me!


      1. Thanks for the offer of nigella seed but I shall pass on it thanks, as I am a little fussy about colours in my nominlly colour themed borders 😉 However, I could see if there any offsets of my white centurea if you like?

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  2. Your balanced your colors beautifully! You can’t go wrong with Delphinium and Nigella in my view. Nigella ‘African Bride’ has become one of my must-have plants as a filler in arrangements.

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  3. What an absolutely stunning vase with so many favorites of mine. I agree with you about the alchemilla mollis. Beautiful foliage and bee-loving blooms in a vase.

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