In a Vase on Monday – 13th June 2022

Delphinium casualties brought about by high winds meant immediate action was needed with the secateurs, which spurred me on to tame the worst excesses of the alchemilla mollis. I don’t especially care for the centaurea montana because I find its prolific, thuggish self-seeding irritating and I find the whole plant quite coarse, but I letContinue reading “In a Vase on Monday – 13th June 2022”

Six on Saturday – 7th May 2022

New growth appearing all over the place as temperatures crawl up; the nighttime low now hovers around 10 Celsius at night in the greenhouses – the all important point I wait for before moving really tender things around. The great greenhouse shuffle commences – overwintered stuff out, Summer crops in. A very grey day onContinue reading “Six on Saturday – 7th May 2022”