Six on Saturday – 11th June 2022

Saturday again already! I’m late today but it is still Saturday, so here are my six. Pop over to The Propagator’s site to see what all the other SoSers are up to.

Christo Lloyd would approve of this colour combination, I’m sure. Acid yellow euphorbia oblongata with shocking pink lychnis coronaria (I think that’s the correct name). I love strident clashing colours in the borders.
A nice crop of globe artichokes coming along. I’ll try to leave some of the later ones to flower for the bees, but I do really love eating artichokes… and the bees don’t exactly go hungry in this garden as it is! In fact, one stung me yesterday. I have forgiven it. It was my fault, I didn’t realise it had landed on my dungarees when I reached into my front pocket for string…!
I never used to bother lifting and storing my dahliae, but I did last Winter and it has made such a difference. I forced some indoors with heat early this year and have been richly rewarded. Bishop of Oxford is first off the blocks. I love all the Bishop series.
No recollection of the name of this clematis. It is very reliable and seems very happy scrambling through the apple tree. The geranium phaeum below are performing well too.
My dad’s name was Nigel and my mum and I both love nigella, so we both grow lots of it. I particularly like the deep blue shade. I probably let the nigella self-seed too much, really, but it’s so pretty. I did have drifts of the ‘Persian Jewels’ variety, but the pink toned variants in that mix seem to have been bred out over the years – I should probably thin more mercilessly and sow more bought seed.
Despite there being lots going on around her, Rosa “Gertrude Jekyll”, centre stage on the pergola, steals the show every time. Nobody can resist burying their nose in her blooms as they pass, and she rewards everyone with a delicious strong old rose scent. Normally I save the petals and dry them for tea, but damp weather has made it difficult recently, as the petals tend to go mouldy if they are damp when brought inside. She has a long flowering season so hopefully there will be dry enough weather to save petals later in the Summer.

That’s my six, time to catch up with everyone elses’ over a cold beer in the garden! Cheers!

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Keen amateur gardener, tending a large home garden growing flowers, fruit and veg, ably supported by husband and dog.

7 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 11th June 2022

    1. Thank you! The original plants were grown from seed some 8 or more years ago on one of our previous allotments… these are third generation cuttings and they are finally getting productive! Artichokes are not demanding but they are greedy for food, space, light and water!


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