Six on Saturday – 15th October 2022

Hello to SOSers around the world! First things first – sincere thanks to Mr Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday – his last for a bit. You have brought joy to many, Mr P, I hope your rest from hosting is restorative and that we still see you from time to time. Read his post on this, and catch up with all the other SOSers, here: .

Never fear, however, as Jim at Garden Ruminations will be taking over as host – and you can take a look at his amazing garden and his excellent blog here:

Now, in haste, six from me before I have to dash off for beers and live music. Soggy, messy but holding on just about sums everything up here… anyway, let’s take a look…

Every year I wonder whether I can really be bothered to raise a couple of trays of cosmos… every year, I’m glad I did. Sedum (or whatever they’re called this week) are always such good value too, aren’t they?
I’m enjoying the agapanthus heads, the canna leaves behind, and the lobelia that has cheekily self-seeded in the paving cracks. I love it when plants do that. It feels like such a bonus freebie.
Very blurry but nonetheless very jolly rosehips. I recently made rosehip cordial, but not from hips from the garden because there simply aren’t enough (and the blackbirds have started in on these already!)
This little clump of cyclamen puts up with all manner of abuse and still obliges every autumn. I think the leaves are as pretty as the flowers.
This was a labour of love. Like an idiot I planted a meuhlenbeckia on the trellis on the fence. It ran riot and popped up amongst the irises, making a right tangled mess. I lifted and separated the iris, painstakingly removed all the meuhlenbeckia roots and divided and replanted the iris. Fingers crossed they settle back in ok. I have probably over-planted, but then again these iris are quite forgiving. We’ll see.
Rather messy but at least still colourful. Which, come to think of it, is probably also a good synopsis of life in general.

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Keen amateur gardener, tending a large home garden growing flowers, fruit and veg, ably supported by husband and dog.

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 15th October 2022

  1. That last photo is full of colour still, hard to believe it is mid October. I love Cosmos and you can’t have too many. I must try growing more next year though it is the first time I have managed to actually grow some from seed without them being eaten.

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  2. It’s entirely natural and normal to have dead leaves and broken stems and things falling over in autumn. Why would anyone dwell on that when there are flowers and rich colours and season defying plants still to enjoy. My Cosmos are done and dusted, I need to do a second sowing next year to keep them going this late.

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