In a Vase on Monday – 17th October 2022

In contrast to last week, I think I might have tried too hard to be clever this week. I was desperate to make use of this Portmeirion vase and of the pin holder I have used inside it… and I thought I would try working with a limited colour palette instead of my usual explosionContinue reading “In a Vase on Monday – 17th October 2022”

In a vase on Monday – 27th June 2022

In haste from me once again – my contribution to IAVOM, just squeezing in at the tail end of the day. Once again the necessity of deadheading made my choice for me, and two weather-damaged blooms from a nameless cheap floribunda rose got paired with some heavenly-smelling trachleospermum for a chintzy mini arrangement in aContinue reading “In a vase on Monday – 27th June 2022”

Early – Mid June 2022

Flaming June isn’t doing a huge amount of flaming so far: we’ve had a fair run of reasonable weather but a cold wind seems to be taking the warmth out of the inconsistent sun and also is drying everything out. As usual, some things are performing better than ever and some are disappointingly reluctant, withContinue reading “Early – Mid June 2022”

Six on Saturday – 21st May 2022

We’re away on holiday at the moment and the Under-Gardener is having a little break at his holiday home too, hanging out with his best mates and probably getting a bit rowdy. I took a few photos in between rain showers before we left, though, so here are my six. Many thanks to Mr PropagatorContinue reading “Six on Saturday – 21st May 2022”

Six on Saturday – 9th April 2022

One of the nicest things about WordPress – and something I didn’t anticipate at all – is that it is a sort of community, and one may connect with other gardeners all over the world (and have a good nose round their gardens, too). Via Rosie Amber ( I have come across Six on Saturday,Continue reading “Six on Saturday – 9th April 2022”