Sunday 15th January 2023 – start where you are

A week away has kept me out of the garden but it sounds like the weather in Wales has been so atrocious that I wouldn’t have made it outside anyway. A break in the rain today found me itching to get muddy so I donned dungarees and got out there. It’s a mess. A soggy,Continue reading “Sunday 15th January 2023 – start where you are”

Six on Saturday 26th November 2022

Hello! I haven’t blogged or SoS’ed for ages, due to a combination of truly atrocious weather, an overwhelming schedule and a hefty dose of general malaise. Friday (yesterday) brought a brief moment of respite, so I grabbed it with both hands and got a spot of gardening done (though I still managed to cop forContinue reading “Six on Saturday 26th November 2022”