Six on Saturday – 15th April 2023

A frost caught me out last night and I failed to fleece, but I think I got away with it. I haven’t spotted any casualties so far. After days of endless rain and some really ferocious winds, the sun is out and the garden is peaceful and hopeful. I promised to attend to the gardenContinue reading “Six on Saturday – 15th April 2023”

Sunday 16th October 2022 – turning point

I’ve actually managed to sleep in a little tiny bit later than usual for the last few days and I feel less stressed and burnt out – consequently, I have had more energy for gardening, and in itself that has made me feel better too. The bright sun was too good to waste today, especiallyContinue reading “Sunday 16th October 2022 – turning point”

Sunday 27th March 2022 – snatching some gardening time from the jaws of (welcome) chaos

Dreadful photos (bright sunshine, don’t want to complain!) and no confluence between enough time to take better ones and the inclination to do so. Chief Engineer’s birthday and a weekend of extremely welcome visits and a sense of normality and a life fully lived… WELCOME, LIFE, we missed you. The Under-Gardener is noticeable in hisContinue reading “Sunday 27th March 2022 – snatching some gardening time from the jaws of (welcome) chaos”

Friday 18th – Sunday 20th March 2022 – A Perfect Weekend

Three days of really glorious sunshine this weekend made for a happy Head Gardener (and a happy tulip too, opening up to greet the sun). I’ve been busy pruning penstemon (possibly a bit early, as we may yet have more frosts, but I’m reckless like that); tying in clematis and climbing roses; pricking out seedings;Continue reading “Friday 18th – Sunday 20th March 2022 – A Perfect Weekend”