Six on Saturday 26th November 2022

Hello! I haven’t blogged or SoS’ed for ages, due to a combination of truly atrocious weather, an overwhelming schedule and a hefty dose of general malaise. Friday (yesterday) brought a brief moment of respite, so I grabbed it with both hands and got a spot of gardening done (though I still managed to cop forContinue reading “Six on Saturday 26th November 2022”

Six on Saturday – 18th June 2022

It was scorching yesterday, so obviously I chose to collect and bag up a tonne of horse manure with a hangover. Today, blasts of very welcome heavy rain have kept me out of the garden so far, but I’m not complaining. I’m dallying over an extra coffee and browsing the gardens of all the otherContinue reading “Six on Saturday – 18th June 2022”

Friday 4th & Sunday 6th February 2022 – go hard or go home

It’s been a weekend of hard work, hard pruning, hard rain and a hard lesson. Not to mention hard times for the Under-Gardener, who has had to provide intense supervision with very little reward (he’s on a diet, or meant to be – he’s put on a few Christmas ounces… or pounds…) The neat freakContinue reading “Friday 4th & Sunday 6th February 2022 – go hard or go home”