Friday 4th December 2020 – winter veggies and splashes of colour on a dry cold day; some notes to self for next year

I think the garden has beauty at any time of year, it just depends what you find beautiful. I am cheered by this happy little bed of brassicas battling on through winter wet, frost and occasional underground tunnelling by rodents (they will die, I tell you, they will die!) I like the contrasting forms andContinue reading “Friday 4th December 2020 – winter veggies and splashes of colour on a dry cold day; some notes to self for next year”

4th November 2020 – first frost

Our first proper hard frost of the season last night and it took some of the plants by surprise. A handful of pics grabbed between hectic bouts of home working, yet I am filled with gratitude that last week’s relentless downpours and grey skies have given way to crisp brightness and the possibility of spendingContinue reading “4th November 2020 – first frost”

Sunday 1st November 2020 – autumn visitors

Not in our garden but in the neighbourhood… I’m fairly sure these are Fly Agaric, one of Britain’s most iconic fungi. Poisonous and hallucinogenic, but I probably won’t try them! Something has been munching them… I hope the local rat population is now tripping. I have been yearning for frogs since we moved in. FourContinue reading “Sunday 1st November 2020 – autumn visitors”

Wednesday, 28th October 2020 – Mushrooms

Some photos I took in the very damp autumnal garden a few days ago and forgot to post. Now it is even damper out there and these fragile fleeting beauties will have dissolved. They remind me of the Sylvia Plath poem, so here is that, too. Mushrooms – Sylvia Plath Overnight, veryWhitely, discreetlyVery quietly OurContinue reading “Wednesday, 28th October 2020 – Mushrooms”

24 October 2020 – quiet times and a small harvest

Not a lot going on at the moment – variable weather and a weary feeling of indolence combine to give slow, frustrating times for the gardeners. Still, the garden continues to provide, almost in spite of us. It’s not the biggest harvest nor is it a particularly good one, but here are beetroot, apples, raspberriesContinue reading “24 October 2020 – quiet times and a small harvest”

Sunday 4th October 2020 – rain and more rain; maintaining colour and interest into Autumn

Today I have that malaise that only a gardener who has been prevented from gardening can know. Everything is utterly sodden and if I had put a spade in the ground today I would have ruined the soil structure. I consoled myself by skulking in the shed, potting up garlic and sowing sweet peas toContinue reading “Sunday 4th October 2020 – rain and more rain; maintaining colour and interest into Autumn”

Thursday 1st October 2020 – all of the weather; full moon, harvest moon

After yesterday’s autumnal damp and chill, a bright crisp day, though more rain to come and keep me out of the garden this weekend. A full moon tonight, so I hope it stays clear enough for a good view later. The brugmansia seems to have enjoyed the soaking and the top-up of compost I gaveContinue reading “Thursday 1st October 2020 – all of the weather; full moon, harvest moon”

Sunday 27th September 2020 – tittivating around the edges

It’s been a day of hard work in the garden today, with an early start and blessed with beautiful sunshine, but one of those days when there is very little to show for my efforts – what my gardener friend Tom would describe as ‘tittivating’ rather than proper gardening – which sadly will make forContinue reading “Sunday 27th September 2020 – tittivating around the edges”

Friday 25th September 2020 – farewell to Summer

I hate cutting back the lavender. It feels like admitting Summer is over. Every year I leave it later than I should, partly because I hate doing it and partly because I don’t like to deprive the bees. Lavender really does need to be shown who’s boss though. Timidity on the part of the gardenerContinue reading “Friday 25th September 2020 – farewell to Summer”

Wednesday 23rd September 2020 – emperor’s purple

This tibuchina opened today, brightening a gloomy overcast day. I’m thrilled about this – just look at that colour! My mum called it “emperor’s purple” and said Julius Caesar would be proud. This is a subtropical plant that I’ve had for four and a half years – it was a moving in gift from myContinue reading “Wednesday 23rd September 2020 – emperor’s purple”