In a Vase on Monday – 17th October 2022

In contrast to last week, I think I might have tried too hard to be clever this week. I was desperate to make use of this Portmeirion vase and of the pin holder I have used inside it… and I thought I would try working with a limited colour palette instead of my usual explosion in a paintbox… but I still feel it’s a bit cluttered and not as elegant as I’d like, plus wherever I photographed this, I couldn’t quite get the colours to reproduce accurately and I’m afraid it looks so much nicer, much fresher and cleaner, somehow, in person than it does in these pictures. Anyway, here are three different shots, each with subtle differences in tones. The first picture is probably the closest to the way these really look to my eyes. I must tell you that the roses smell beautiful. I’m also pleased to report that participating in IAVOM has quite cured me of my reticence to cut flowers for the house, which is a real joy, as it is such a pleasure to bring the garden indoors. It has also inspired me to join a flower arranging course, purely for fun, and it is such a restorative and relaxing thing, so a heartfelt thanks to Cathy for hosting and to everyone who joins in, for providing such inspiration and a lovely sense of community! Hope the week is kind to everyone.

Pop over to Cathy’s blog to see what’s in her vase this Monday and, indeed, what’s in everyone else’s:

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9 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – 17th October 2022

  1. The unusual container is fantastic. Lovely flowers and the smell must be delightful. I often find it frustrating trying to capture the essence of a vase with photographs. The natural backgrounds work well here.

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  2. The jug itself is lovely and the yellow and pinks make a really fresh contrast with each other. I agree it can be a little disappointing when we don’t feel the photographs do vase justice, but at least you have got the on-going pleasure of the real thing! I am so pleased to read that you have ‘got over’ your reticence to cut flowers from your garden – IAVOM has cured a number of people of that over the years! And joining a flower-arranging course too… 😉

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  3. It’s a joyful combination. No matter how good cameras get, I feel they never quite capture what we see with our own eyes. I’m glad to hear that IAVOM has cured you of your flower-cutting phobia 😉 Sharing our floral creations is part of the delight of growing the plants.

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  4. Such a happy bunch! Love your single dahlia with the yellow centre – do you know its name? I’m glad you are allowing yourself to cut flowers now – with a bunch like this, I can see it must be bringing you joy already 🙂

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    1. Thank you! The foliage does look like rosemary doesn’t it? It’s from a penstemon that keeps refusing to flower (Andenken An Freidrich An, I think). The pottery is Portmeirion’s ‘Totem’ design and I’m more than a little in love with it! 😊


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