In a Vase on Monday. 26th September 2022

I haven’t had time to participate in Cathy’s lovely IAVOM for weeks, so it’s nice to be back with a blast of colour. I couldn’t quite decide which of these was the better photo, so have added both. I suppose the first is slightly better, if only because it doesn’t include a view of the washing on the line like the second one does!

Here we have a collection of the bright jewel colours I was aiming for with this year’s dahlia re-stocking. They have been slow to get going from the tubers that arrived earlier this year but they are finally starting to perform as I had hoped. I’d have liked more orange to add into the mix, but these are very pleasing, and Waltzing Matilda in the centre is my favourite – such a complex blend of colours, she is a real dazzler. the asters are called ‘Helen Picton’ and I love their rich purple, which makes a nice change from the paler asters that are more commonly seen. I was really stuck for foliage so ended up adding some paeony leaves, which seem to have held their form and colour very late into the year this year, though perhaps I am misremembering their previous performances.

This peculiar vase is a vintage piece I picked up in our local tip shop. It has a funny wire frog inside to hold the flowers and it is the very devil to work with.

Here is that peculiar frog. It is less helpful than it looks! Perhaps there is some secret to using it that I haven’t quite cracked yet. To its right, a rather lovely Portmeirion jug, also from the tip shop. I do love to return from the tip with more than I went there to dispose of!

Pop along to Cathy’s blog to see what is in other people’s vases today:

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11 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday. 26th September 2022

  1. Oh wow, Arwen, what glorious colours! I recognise Waltzing Mathilda, but what is the very frilly orange bloom behind it? I have never had any success with asters, but Helen Picton looks a delightfully dark purple. I like a good tip find too – we actually have a shop at ours now, but prices are always very reasonable, and it’s so much better now people are less likely to dump stuff they are fed up with that somebody else would snap up. Vases with integral holes or frogs sadly never seem to be as practical as you might think… 🙄

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    1. Thanks Cathy. I must say I am in love with these colours. The frilly one is a yellow/orange dahlia called ‘Show ‘n’ Tell’. There’s also tithonia and dahlias ‘Bright Eyes’ and ‘Purple Gem’ in here, just to take it really over the top! I love my old fashioned florist’s frogs that are like a little disc of pins with a lead bottom, that can be stood in a vase to grip flower stems, but this silly wire thing is really hopeless! It probably only cost me about 50p though so I don’t feel too hard done by! 😂


  2. Your jewel-colored dahlias are lovely! I grew ‘Waltzing Matilda’ last year and was pleased to have her dark foliage reappear earlier this year, only to be disappointed when the plant failed to thrive (but then all my dahlias have been dicey this year). That vase frog is interesting as someone clearly made an effort in its design, even if it may have been intended more for the purpose of selling the vase than to assist the user with floral arranging.

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    1. Thanks Kris! I thought my dahlias were never going to take off this year but they pulled through at the last minute. After years of grieving them I still can’t work out exactly what makes the difference between a mediocre show and an excellent one… I think there must be an element of pot luck to it!
      The frog is a curiosity, isn’t it? I wonder if it’s meant for something very specific, like roses or something with relatively stiff thick stems?


  3. The flowers are gorgeous and the vase is intriguing! I would never have noticed the washing in the background as the ‘blast of colour’ focussed me entirely on the arrangement! Helen Picton is a lovely rich colour as a backdrop for the bright dahlias.

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  4. What a great gathering of colours, and I remember those vases as my mother used to have them. The frog was discarded and chicken wire used instead, but looking at its intriguing shape would it make for an interesting and ‘architectural’ base for a vase less, ‘dry flower’ installation?

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