Six on Saturday – 3rd September 2022

I am frazzled and so is the garden. There is much to be done, yet no energy or motivation to do it, and the plants are similarly exhausted after so much heat and so little rain – now is not the time to be upping and moving the gardener or the plants. So, we tinker around the edges, and deadhead when we can be bothered, and wring our hands at the outbreak of red spider mite that threatens the new dahlias. And we wait, for a better state of mind. And the rain comes at last, in the night, and we are grateful. This too shall pass.

Mr Propagator continues to host Six on Saturday for us, even though he’s running a race on Anglesey (thanks MrP!) so head on over to his page and see how all the other SOSers around the world are getting along:

The morning glory on the left self-seeded from a pot stood at the foot of the pergola some years ago: every year I think they aren’t coming back, and every year, eventually, they do. Pleasing red berries on the honeysuckle on the right, too. Rose Gertrude Jekyll battles on above the rudbeckia on the third column in the background.
The morning glory is so exuberant that it’s taking over this chair. I’m letting it. These chairs are damned uncomfortable to sit on anyway. (I’m counting this photo as an extension of the previous one, so not counting it as one of the six. I know, that’s cheating.)
The tomatoes have been excellent this year. Not the biggest yield but by far the best taste. Best varieties have been red romello plum, green zebra, Goldwin’s golden cocktail cherry, and costoluto fiorentino. I read that tomatoes are self-pollinating and should come true from saved seed. I’ll certainly try this out. Please ignore my chipped bowl: we are clumsy and the kitchen is full of unforgiving surfaces.
The borders are jaded but still trying: the gardener can relate. Thank god for rudbeckia and their indefatigable happy glow.
Dahlia whaltzing Matilda glowing in the (welcome) drizzle.
A late sunflower. I think this might be Valentine. The sunflowers were all short this year, I think they were hungry. I shall cosset them more next year.
Agastache Navajo sunset, grown from seed. I’ll grow more – it has proved very drought tolerant and gives a pleasing pop of orange over a long season. I like it here with this variegated thyme. I don’t usually like variegated plants but I love all thymes so this one gets a reprieve.

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10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 3rd September 2022

  1. I understand about the lack of motivation, I think the heat just exhausted us all (and it wasn’t even that hot where I live). There is a point when the garden looks perfect and then it all goes downhill I feel. Mine needs a good cutting back and revitalising once I am in the mood. Meanwhile notes are written, plans are drawn and bulbs are ordered 😄

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    1. I’m glad it’s not just me! I always find myself a bit demotivated as the borders start to flag, but this year has been especially bad for that. Every little thing takes me forever and I seem to make no progress with anything. I’ve got lots of plans but no energy to execute them. Im hoping the changing seasons also bring a change in mood! Hope all is well with you. I haven’t ordered my bulbs yet, have you? I was thinking to save money but I know I’ll look out next year and wish I’d planted more!


  2. The sunflower will be enjoying the last of the summer heat. Autumn will hopefully replenish all the gardens with more gentle rain. We are heading into spring though not quite yet, as winter still dragging down the temperatures next week.

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    1. I deliberately staggered my sunflower sowing to try to extend their season… it has meant that I have indeed had a few random ones opening much later than usual, but they’re all much shorter and more feeble than I’d hoped. I think I underestimate how much food is needed to make a huge strong plant. Ah well, there is always next year. Hope Spring brings you much gardening joy! 😊


  3. Your garden looks wonderfully magical to me. The chip in the harvest plate and the morning glory claiming the chair are part of the charm. They say that smiling releases endorphins in the body and I find myself smiling as I enjoy your garden. Thank you.

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