In a Vase on Monday – 11th July 2022

Just creeping into the final few hours on Monday so still just about qualifying… continuing with my insistence on only creating arrangements from things that had to be cut anyway, and persisting with my over-reliance on alchemilla (there’s so much of it! And it goes with everything and looks so good in a vase!) The evening primrose needed to be trimmed a bit to stop it from shading a dahlia; the penstemon (yes him again) keeps flopping over the path; the seedheads on the oriental poppy needed to be cleared, and the wild marjoram is… well… everywhere. I think they look rather good together. Shame my kitchen is still such a mess, but I always say that anyone with a tidy kitchen isn’t spending enough time in the garden!

Head over to Cathy’s page to have a look at her very classy cool arrangement this week and to see what all the other IAVOM participants are up to.

Published by Notes from the Under-Gardener

Keen amateur gardener, tending a large home garden growing flowers, fruit and veg, ably supported by husband and dog.

10 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – 11th July 2022

  1. Oh to have that much Penstemon! And I can’t grow Alchemilla at all…I used to hesitate to cut anything from my garden but then I started a cutting garden and gave myself permission to cut anything in it. My reservations about cutting flowers for the house went out the window from there 😉

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  2. Wow, this is such a full and beautiful bunch! All the colours work so well together – the chartreuse of the alchemilla and deep pink of the penstemon especially. Gorgeous! I would just enjoy gazing at this bunch, and don’t worry about the messy kitchen – anyway, it looks very tidy to me! 😉

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  3. Your garden sounds lovely and blowsy, like your vase – and I think I have suggested it before, but you would be very at home in our kitchen…and of course what you said about tidiness and the garden extends to the rest of the house too! 🤣

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