Six on Saturday – 2nd July 2022

I know I shouldn’t complain about the rain when some places are desperately in need of it, but it’s very frustrating to have things to do and to have rain stop play. I am listless today and nothing satisfies. A run of largely dull wet days has held the high summer flowers back a little, everything is too wet to work and I am grumpy. Tomorrow is meant to be better, I think, so perhaps that will cheer me up, but the forecasts seem so unreliable these days that I might just as well consult the entrails. Enough whining from me: I hope everyone else is in a better mood and I wish everyone enough rain, mixed in with enough good weather for gardening, plus the time and energy to do it!

Here are my Six on Saturday: pop over to The Propagator’s site to see what he and all the other SOSers have got going on this week:

Happily, the Dyer’s Camomile is like sunshine on a rainy day. I like the feverfew too, even though it self seeds everywhere and smells a bit odd. A herbal remedy for migraine and headaches, I do occasionally pop some feverfew flowers in a fresh herbal tea.
Carnations grown from seed some five years ago and still going strong, though the rain has battered them somewhat. The red ones in particular smell delicious and the flowers taste amazing – a little like cloves, with added sweetness. I nibble on them as I walk past.
The calabrese looks lovely with raindrops on it. This one is destined to be tomorrow’s tea, probably in a green veg pasta dish of some sort.
I think rattus rattus might have found the mange tout. I shall replenish the bait boxes and fervently hope he finds them, too. Swines. I try to be sanguine about most wildlife but I really do hate rats.
I enjoy the bright candy colours of these zinnia but they are smaller than I had hoped and they are such princesses – fussy little things that give up overnight and hate root disturbance. Every year I say I won’t bother growing them again, only to relent when sowing season rolls around.
Another mixed bag here: the boysenberry is delicious but so far this year we wouldn’t know, as the blackbirds have beaten us to every single ripe fruit (note the stems where fruit has been!) Last year I was able to net, but this year the branches go too far up the shed wall and I won’t be able to do it in such a way as to be sure birds can’t get in and get trapped. I guess we’ll just have to share this year and hope that next year I can grow so many that it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately the blackbirds’ idea of sharing doesn’t involve the humans getting much of a look-in…

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Keen amateur gardener, tending a large home garden growing flowers, fruit and veg, ably supported by husband and dog.

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 2nd July 2022

  1. After nursing Zinnia through last year I didn’t bother this. I’m all done with plants that need mollycoddling. Your Dyer’s Chamomile looks fab. I have the white version, the Sicilian chamomile which does well. I wouldn’t mind this version too. As for rats, I loathe them too. Had to stop feeding the birds as the rats come in to the garden from the next door farm and are brazen enough to do so during the day! With the back door open that’s a bit too close!

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    1. I really might not bother with the zinnia again, these have been potted on twice to get them to a decent size before planting out and it is so labour and resource intensive. The Dyer’s Chamomile on the other hand is a. Real do-er and quite unfussy. It might be nice to try dying something with it, actually! I had to remove the bird feeders due to the rats, too. The smell of the Under-Gardener should keep them out of the house but I seem to have created a five star holiday resort for them in the garden!


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