Six on Saturday – 21st May 2022

We’re away on holiday at the moment and the Under-Gardener is having a little break at his holiday home too, hanging out with his best mates and probably getting a bit rowdy. I took a few photos in between rain showers before we left, though, so here are my six. Many thanks to Mr Propagator for hosting, pop on over to his site to see the other Six on Saturday posts and to join the fun and post your own. Wishing everyone a weekend of good gardening weather (I just need good drinking and lazing about weather this weekend, myself!)

My favourite oriental poppy obligingly opened before we went away. I love this rich red.
Gertrude Jekyll, a David Austin rose, so dependable and lovely (and with vicious thorns). The smell is heavenly. She’s very biddable and easy to train and I should get a nice column of blooms all the way up the pergola (and maybe one day across the top of it, too). This one is a cutting from my original – I can’t stop myself from attempting to strike cuttings with prunings. There’s always room for more roses.
I love the way hosta leaves hold raindrops.
Strawberries look promising for the first year ever –’s low fruit cage has stood right through since last year, I just rolled the nets back over winter and held them in place with wire, so that birds could get in and get at pests for me. The plants have bulked up nicely and we have a good show of flowers, so I’m hopeful we might actually get a decent crop this year, since the nets should keep the blackbirds off (though I dare say the voles will not be deterred, little buggers love strawberries!)
This is an extremely unsophisticated rose from Lidl. It didn’t have a name, so I call it Tequila Sunrise (I am a huge Eagles fan). Its rather brash colours clash with just about everything and I love it.
I have interplanted carrots and garlic this year in a bid to outwit the carrot fly, but I heard on the Garden Organic podcast this month that this is a myth and it doesn’t actually work. I am considering trying one of those carrot fly screens, though it seems implausible to me that the flies don’t just go over the top of it…

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Keen amateur gardener, tending a large home garden growing flowers, fruit and veg, ably supported by husband and dog.

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 21st May 2022

  1. My Gertie has just sprung into bloom, I am trying to train her as a climber up the fence, so far so good. It’s a shame that I planted her in a spot where it is difficult to get close enough to smell her divine scent – perhaps I should try growing a few cuttings.

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    1. I find cuttings from her take really, really well – my Dear Friend & Gardener tells me it’s a professional gardener’s secret that roses raised from cuttings are stronger and more vigorous than the parent, and that’s certainly been my experience (and what’s not to love about free plants! 😊)


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