Six on Saturday – 30th April 2022

In haste, my Six on Saturday. Despite this being a bank holiday weekend I can’t quite seem to get on top of things… but sometimes I think the point of gardening is to teach one to let go of the need to feel on top of things all the time. Wishing all the SoSers and indeed gardeners everywhere hours of happy gardening this weekend… remember to pause and admire the fruits of your hard labour!

Geum (“Totally Tangerine”), cerinthe, teasel, euphorbia oblongata. Love these colours together.
Dicentra spectabilis if you’re old-fashioned like me, lamprocapnos if you’re up to the minute, bleeding heart if you’d really rather not make things any more complicated than they need to be. One of my very favourite plants. I don’t seem to be doing as well with it as I used to. The places I have it may be too dry. I will experiment.
First of the artichokes forming a fruit (is it a fruit? Not sure!) These haven’t really cropped properly since transferring from the old allotment. I think I forgot how hungry these plants are. They had a good mulch of manure in the autumn and look happier now. This is the violetta di Chioggia variety, where it is picked young and eaten whole. I could eat these until they come out of my ears… but that would probably hurt, as they are spiky.
I’m delighted the candelabra primulae have returned for a second year but I’m bemused as to how the yellow and orange ones planted last year are now red.
Here are those irises again, more fully in bloom. Aren’t they beautiful?
We have been adopted by a stray racing pigeon. He’s been hanging around for ages. I’ve found his owner and tried all sorts of advice and techniques to get him to go home, but it’s not happening. He’s clearly rubbish at homing. The owner says I can keep him. We’ve named him Homer (the pigeon, not the owner). I’ve got a sinking feeling this might turn into more work and hassle than it at first appears. The Under-Gardener is extremely put out and keeps chasing Homer, but Homer is completely unruffled by this, and simply flies out of reach, peering down at the Under-Gardener from a height, as if he’s thinking “idiot dog”. To be honest, they’re both incredibly stupid. I’m not sure what I’ve started here… if anyone has any pigeon-tending tips, please do pipe up!

I forgot to add a link to Mr Propagator’s page with all the updates from the other SoSers – go here to check out what other gardeners around the world have been up to!

Published by Notes from the Under-Gardener

Keen amateur gardener, tending a large home garden growing flowers, fruit and veg, ably supported by husband and dog.

3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 30th April 2022

  1. I’m not sure about adopting a racing pigeon, we have visiting collared doves, which are quite nice, and recently wood pigeons which are a bit noisy, but so far no racing pigeon. Perhaps (s)he is hanging around waiting for your brassicas? Your cerinthe is much more purple than mine which also grow alongside euphorbia oblongata.

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    1. Homer doesn’t seem to think like a wild pigeon, he doesn’t seem interested in brassicas, only wild bird seed, and even that he picks the bits he likes from! He’s very pretty. I’m not sure how practical it is to adopt him but his owner doesn’t want him (and I’ve become rather attached…) I’ve never seen the cerinthe so blue. No idea what’s made the difference!

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