12-16th January 2022 – low sun and frosts, grudging supervision

I started last weekend early and sneaked out in the weak Wednesday afternoon sun to get a few things done. The Under-Gardener wasn’t impressed, but felt duty bound to supervise. Thyme was on his side (sorry).

I planted out the second batch of garlic – a different variety. This lot arrived in the post later than the first – they were supposed to arrive together – and it was in noticeably worse condition, though not as bad as some I’ve received in other years. Garlic for planting has been a bit of a lottery for some time – I assume there are issues with the crop grown specifically for raising the following season’s bulbs for planting. Last year many French varieties were impossible to get hold of. Maybe it’s Brexit related.
Can’t we go indoors? I’m cold!

A series of obligatory frost photos follows.

Starting to feel that grouping pots together looks better than having them spread about individually. Need something to put in the grey pot… better go plant shopping!
In the same vein, I’m realising that bold blocks of multiples of the same plant look better than a mash-up of many types of individual plants mixed together – I bet every Head Gardener makes this mistake when they first get their hands on their own space. These trailing rosemary had outgrown their pots anyway – planted out here they might be happier and I hope they’ll trail over the ugly breeze block wall and through the little railing, and generally spread about to form a block.

David Austin sent me the wrong rose. Since they are an exceptionally good company, they told me to keep it and sent me the right one at no extra charge. Both roses have been settled in and given a nice blanket of manure. You can never have too many roses!

Oh that’s MUCH more comfortable than under-gardening in the cold!

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Keen amateur gardener, tending a large home garden growing flowers, fruit and veg, ably supported by husband and dog.

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